Twelve Planetary Pairs

Twelve Planetary Pairs curates excerpts from the 45 dance-art-poetry-music videos which accompany the trustpsyche course, Deepen Your Astrological Practice: A Psychospiritual Journey through the forty-five Planetary CombinationsEach planetary pair or combination (e.g., Venus-Mars) is associated with themes related to the astrological archetypes involved (e.g., Venus = love, beauty, sociality; Mars = aggression, courage, force), which are reflected in the excerpts. Find a discussion of the general themes associated with each planet under the subheading “Planetary Archetypes” here.


Soleil Chappelle, the dancer in the video, is the creator of Archetypal Movement Research, in which she associates a basic movement quality with each planetary archetype (see list below) and then combines these movement qualities in each dance (e.g., Venus-Mars = Swinging and Thrusting).

Archetypal Movement Qualities:

  • Moon = Internal Focus
  • Sun = External Focus
  • Mercury = Locomotion/Gesture
  • Venus = Swing
  • Mars = Thrust
  • Jupiter = Expansion
  • Saturn = Shape/Contraction
  • Uranus = Unanticipated/Inversion
  • Neptune = Continuous Flow
  • Pluto = Hang/Momentum

Deepest thanks to the many artists who contributed:

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