While philosophy and religion is already an interdisciplinary field of study, this page collects essays that inquire into disciplines even further afield, such as music, visual art, art history, and cosmology.

When Light Crosses One’s Mind: An Entwined Genealogy

This essay looks at how conceptions of light reflect the minds from which they emerge, illuminating diverse western historical epochs: Egyptian, ancient, medieval, modern, and contemporary.

More Light by Friedrich Woldemar—Goethe’s last words: “Light! More light!”

Composition en triplées : de Staël, Char, et Nietzsche

This essay in French is an interdisciplinary treatment of the painter Nicolas de Staël, the poet René Char, and the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

Nicolas de Staël’s Le Concert. He once said, “a painting should be both abstract and figurative.”